En route vers l’Odyssée

Video game soundtrack composers: We invite you to enter a special contest organized by the Guilde des Développeurs de Jeux vidéo Indépendants du Québec in partnership with Loto-Québec. Submit an original composition — for which you hold the copyright — for the chance to have it performed live at l’Odyssée Musicale du jeux vidéo on November 8, 2018, at Théâtre Saint-Denis in Montreal!

They will have the opportunity to hear it played by the Montreal Orchestra Company, under the direction of Adam Johnson. What’s more, the winning composer will receive a $1,000 Judge’s Selection presented by Loto-Québec. It is a golden opportunity for composers to hear one of their pieces performed along with those from the biggest video games produced in Québec.

The Guilde, in association with Loto-Québec, is proud to provide a showcase for talented music composers from Québec. This is a unique opportunity to have your work performed by over 60 musicians and singers in a room filled with video game fans. By promoting up-and-coming talent, we ensure that Québec remains a world leader in every aspect of the video gaming industry.

Thank you!

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Evaluation Criteria

Compositions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Originality: Is the music unusual? Does it contrast with the action of the game or does it blend in with it in a funny or interesting way? Is it different from what we’d expect for this type of game? Does it evoke unusual emotions in the listener?

Composition: Quality of melodic inventiveness, rhythmic pattern and harmonic structure. Does the piece comply with musical codes appropriate to the selected format and style?

Context : Write a descriptive text of around 150 words, which explain the context of the piece. Does the music follow the narrative arc? Does it introduce a character? Does it represent an action sequence? Which feeling, what state of mind does it try to convey ?

Judge’s personal assessment: The « wow » factor

Elgibility Criteria

1. Your composition must be new (less than 5 years old).

2. You must own the copyright to your score.

4. Your score must not be featured in a video game.

5. You must be aged 18 or over.

6. You must be a Quebec resident.

.Registrations are open until 24 October 2018 at 6 pm.

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